"A school where people come to learn that the written word becomes the living word when they have met the Living God by grace.".

N.S.B.I. is a mobile Bible institute offering a 2-year program in Biblical and Ministry training, featuring a rotating faculty from around the country.
Welcome Letter  

Dear Student,

Welcome to NSBI, an innovative Bible school to train students for end-time ministry. This mobile Bible Institute, and what we mean by mobile is that most of the teachers are involved in traveling ministry or Pastoring in other parts of the country, do not have a church or ministry located here on the North shore of Long Island. The school is stationary, but the teachers are from all over the U.S.A. You will be listening to a new voice each week of a quarter. A school quarter lasts for eleven weeks of teaching.

Our vision is to provide a Christ-centered training of the bible. Our teachers have been chosen for their God-given ability to impart the knowledge of God. His ways, His methods, His means, His power, His character will be emphasized in the classroom. Our faculty and staff greatly appreciate your interest and response in wanting to be a part of the first student body of NSBI.

Enclosed you will find a number of items to get you started such as: application procedure, academic info, teaching faculty biography, first quarter calendar of classes, graduation info, as well as student policies. Please be sure to fill out the application and send a $20.00 application fee (made out to Community Gospel Church, & be sure to write N.S.B.I. in memo box) to North Shore bible Institute c/o John Burns, 26 Forest Ave. Glen Cove NY 11542. Thank you and may God richly bless you.

Yours in His Fellowship,

Hubert Bunney (President)