"A school where people come to learn that the written word becomes the living word when they have met the Living God by grace.".

N.S.B.I. is a mobile Bible institute offering a 2-year program in Biblical and Ministry training, featuring a rotating faculty from around the country.
NSBI 1ST QUARTER SCHEDULE (12/2/02 thru 3/1/03)
Date Teacher Subject
Dec 2nd-7th (2002) Phil Palutro Knowing God (His ways)
Dec 9th-14th Hubert Bunney 1 Tim - Philemon
Dec 16th-21st   Bob Lake Hebrews
Dec 23-Jan 4th Vacation  
Jan 6th-11th (2003) John Bunney Gifts of the Spirit
Jan 13th-18th  Stan Johnson Christ in us
Jan 20th-25th Jake Luffy Romans
Jan 27-Feb 1st Kelly Brake Homiletics
Feb 3rd-8th John Burns Worship & Praise workshop
Feb 10th-15th Bob Bingaman 1 Corinthians
Feb 17th-22nd Rick Vargas Song of Solomon
Feb 24-March 1st Clarence Rice Synoptic Gospels
  1. Tuition is $100.00 per week of classes (15 hrs per week, 3 Hrs per night Mon. Tues, Thurs. Fri. 7-10 pm & Sat. morn 9-12 am)

      - Note: no classes on Wednesday.

  2. 1 Clock Hr.x 15 = 1 Credit / Each Quarter has 11 weeks offering 11 credits. There will be 4 Quarters per year offering 44 credits. Students may graduate in 2 years with 88 credits.

  3. Classes will be held at Community Gospel Church, 28 Forest Ave. Glen Cove NY 11542. For more information contact Rev. John Burns 516-676-4219.