"A school where people come to learn that the written word becomes the living word when they have met the Living God by grace.".

N.S.B.I. is a mobile Bible institute offering a 2-year program in Biblical and Ministry training, featuring a rotating faculty from around the country.
NSBI School Policies  

  1. ADMISSION: NSBI is Inter-denominational in policy meaning our purpose is to serve all denominations in the body of Christ. Our only requirement is that a spirit of cooperation would be the attitude of all that attend having an open heart and a teachable spirit.

    1. Please complete the admissions application form provided (typed if possible).
    2. Please submit a non-refundable application fee of $20.00 for processing made out to Community Gospel Church
    3. submit a photo copy of license or library card for identity purposes
    4. any other references you would like to include
    5. send to N.S.B.I., 26 Forest Ave., Glen Cove NY 11542.

    1. To encourage the development of relationship with the Lord as a priorty in the walk of believers.
    2. To train mature spiritual leadership with a vision for the Lord’s purposes.
    3. To impart the five-fold ministry gifts so that students would be equipped to minister in the body of Christ.
    4. to impart the anointed word of God into the life of each student.
    5. to study the inner workings of Jesus ministry through hands-on application & outreach.

  4. FINANCIAL INFORMATION: While Textbook use for classes is the choice of each individual instructor please note that tuition cost does not include textbooks. A payment plan can be arranged for a students tuition but NSBI does offer an incentive 15% discount to those who pay by the quarter as opposed to weekly.

    Refund policy: The following percentages of monies paid will be refunded in the event a student withdraws: Withdrawal during first week(75%)- second week(50%)– third week(20%)- fourth week(none).

    Auditing of classes: Those individuals wishing to hear a speaker without participation in full NSBI program may audit classes (taken with no credit) for the full weekly price of $100.00. Those attending as a guest 1 night may do so free.

    1. Standard of Conduct is expected that all would be imitators of Christ
    2. Absentee policy: students are expected to attend classes regularly & punctually. During the course of this program, the maximum number of absences permitted is 3 classes (6 hrs). Exceptions to this policy will be made for extreme circumstances and emergencies only.
    3. dress code is casual but clean and neat please.
    4. any withdrawal request must be made in writing to academic Dean John Burns.

  6. GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS: A 2 year program of 88 credits is needed for completion. For those who have satisfied the Academic requirements and are seeking to enter the ministry NSBI will provide Licensing and Ordination but also recognizes and supports any decision a students makes to seek licensing and Ordination from their home church or denomination upon graduation.