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1- The Stress Express

2- The Lord's Nobody

3- Burn the Bridge

4- Hope

5- As Long As I Say

6- Live to Give

7- Ocean Sunset

8- Manifest Glory

9- In Me

10- A House In Order


The stress express will manifest
Aggressive feelings from the flesh
Using fear to come impress
Its weight of sin with Influence

In strife it seems we get ahead
Instead it leaves us in a mess
With problems that go unaddressed
In the end it leads to death

Now I don't wish to be a pest
But fear I hope to come arrest
Lest you fall to sin's request
Refusing God His clear access

So flee the path where sinners fall
The road where man still loses all
Don't look back when in duress
Be open to the Lord's caress.

And if you want to do what's best
Leave your strife and weariness
Hear Him speak in tenderness
With voice inviting you to rest


People ask who I am
They wonder where I'm coming from
My claim is always just the same
A keeper of the flame

People wonder "Who is he?"
Where did he get his degree?
Does he have a P.H.D.?
No, I learned at Calvary

I'm nothing more or nothing less
Made with God's ingredients
He started out with only dust
But in the end, He gathers much

The world has trust in those renown
In fame and fortune they are proud
Yet God looks past the outer-man
By His grace, I'm what I am


Burn the bridge and make your stand
Time to leave your safety plan
Burn the bridge, be free at last
Your sins are finally in the past

Burn the bridge of selfish greed
Man's desire you don't need
Burn the bridge to Babylon
You must avoid that road they're on

Burn the bridge and close the door
To thoughts you don't need anymore
Burn the bridge to past regrets
That come to rob you of your rest

Burn the bridge, be of good cheer
Your worries were of yesteryear
Left upon the other side
Of the Canyon's great divide

Burn the bridge and walk in faith
Leave what doubting mockers say
Forward march with cross to bear
Onward Christian soldier there


Hope at times is known to die,
Yet never suddenly
It often lingers painfully,
Suffering in demise

In truth, it is not really death
But rather dreamless sleep
Suspended in a state of grief
'Til faith has made it evident

But it can rise and live again
Within a heart so undeserved
The desert place where sighs were heard
Now a psalm of resurrection


As long as I boast and say "I am fine"
Sin will remain and nothing change
A condition unknown to a man who is blind
As long as I say I am fine

As long as I claim that "I'm brillant and smart"
In truth I will fail to understand
That wisdom is knowing God from the heart
How can I know if I'm smart

As long as my faith is in what I achieve
Belief in God I will never need
A heart most pleasing it will never be
As long as I live in my self-belief

As long as I say "I am able to stand"
I'll always rely on the strength of man
But humble myself in the light of His plan
God will give grace as a helping hand


Upon my heart there pressed this need
To help the soul much worse than me
It dawned that all my selfish want
Served this sinful vagabond

A spiral down with slow descent
With inner yearning to be spent
Falling from a lofty place
Not long after I found grace

And so I lived to give and share
From Godly heart that learned to care
No longer did I fear the vice
Of reluctant sacrifice


Majestic colors descending down
Swirling round Long Island Sound
Sky ablaze in amber glory
Testifying to an age old story

The setting sun sits like a crown
Upon the ocean so renown
The sea appears to quench its fire
At last the day has been retired


To Glory I am called to be
A spotless bride, a holy me
Dressed in beauty not my own
Far beyond what life has shown

A treasure found in bottled tears
Emerging through the bitter years
In sorrow, no complaint or wallow
Lest I never come to follow

This glory seen through cracks of clay
Flawed and fissured along the way
Through the cross becoming clear
Fully known when Christ appears

So manifest this glory seen
When out of wilderness I lean
Upon the arm of Groom long last
Beloved Lord, whom I hold fast


Death in me,
The fate of sin
Work in me,
Your life within
Come to me and enter in
That I might know my heart can win

Abide in me
With words of truth
That I might bear
The spirit's fruit
Abide in me
With perfect love
Testimony from above

So You're in me,
And I'm in You
Finding perfect harmony.
Thou in me,
And I in thee
Together there is unity.



When pouring rains they come and fall,
when floods arise to prove us all
Steer a faithful course unfettered
Most assured there's something better

When winds beat hard and shake your walls
when known to all your strength is small
Stand and keep your house erect
Stayed in God your architect

When leaking roof needs much repair
then be sure to watch in prayer
When floors are weakened under foot
Lean on pillars deep and good

When you plan for storms ahead
those uninvited times we dread
remember these ingredients
to serve Him right in obedience

So set your house in perfect order
Patterned for your sons and daughters
Let Christ on solid rock you stand
Be your only building plan

All "Poems by the Sea" written by Jack J.Burns Sr. All rights reserved (c) 2000 /or All poetry on "Pastor Poem Page" by John Burns Jr. All Rights Reserved (c) 2000.