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1- Dawn at Sea

2- Panacea

3- Quiet Bay

4- Thanks to Thee

5- Beauty of His Sea

6- A Fisherman's Epitaph

7- Fishers of Men

8- Ocean  ... (written by John Burns Sr. & Jr.)

9- Stormfront


The water by the sun's first rays
is friendly, soft, serene,
An orange glow enhanced by haze
surrenders things unseen.

A white sail as the mist unfurls
takes shape above a sloop,
A startled fish sends up great swirls
The bait fish jump and sea birds swoop.

This moment strangely mystical
Is salve upon my soul
A phenomenon unequaled
by man's most lofty goal.

Surely Heaven abounds with
such evanescent majesty
to savor like a heady wine
for all eternity.

A honking horn, a barking dog
assails my ears from shore
to herald life's realities
Another dawn is o'er.


Whenever the trials of living
seem more than I can bear
I retreat to a lonely sand-bar
To be bathed by the sea and the air

This purifying treatment
this cleansing of my mind
Restores my youth of yesteryear
My tensions all unwind.

The seeds of doubt are tumbled about
I feel the Lord is near
My heart pounds with awareness
I know what course to steer

When I'm too old and weary
To travel to the sea
I trust someone will take me there
If only to bury me


I watch the raindrops falling
on a cloudy summer's day
No breeze to slant their quick descent
into a quiet bay

They break the bay's calm surface
causing bubbles to be born
To live less than a second
'till their fragile shell is torn

They come and go so rapidly
all sizes large and small
A whisper somewhere in my mind
gives meaning to it all

The bay in which the rain falls
Is in fact eternity
The short lived fragile bubbles
are really you and me


A glassy sea speeds under me
A whipped cream wake is aft
My motor sings a muffled song
And whigs on my craft

My hair is wildly blown about
And headed with salt spray
I sing a song with heartfelt joy
Like a youthful runaway

Chores and troubles left ashore
Cast off with mooring lines
Cobwebs in my mind are gone
My spirit brightly shines

Circling high the gulls and terns
Sense my festive aire
Their raucous cries, a symphony
For only me to share

The magic of the moment
Makes me silent suddenly
My windblown face turns skyward
To give my thanks to Thee


For all the health and gladness
Bestowed so graciously
My boat becomes my chapel
And You are close to me

The churches men have built on land
Lack one thing I fear
The artistry of God's own hand
Such as I find out here

A moment of repentance
For my human frailty
Then cleansed by my Redeemer
Drink the beauty of His sea


Please caulk my coffin so it floats,

Then moor it with the fishing boats.

Take pains to see it doesn't leak

As it rides the tides of Dosoris Creek.

I know I'll be contented there

With the sun and sand and salty air.

Put fishing gear inside with me -

What follows death is mystery.

The Lord may let me fish some night,

When the bunker bass begin to bite,

And some small short that I've released

I'll catch full-grown when I'm deceased.


Time to put your toys away

You're a big boy now

There's another game you must learn to play

Let me teach you how

Like fishing there are lures to use

Your catch depends on which you choose

Many a trophy fish we've lost

Through weak spots in the line we've tossed

So if you want to bag a prize

Check your gear and realize

To save the souls of men there are rules

and like fish your quarry runs in schools


Moonlight turns you silver, sunshine turns you gold
Only God is privy to secrets that you hold
Saline moody mistress you snare the souls of men
You infiltrate into their bones so they must return again

Legions of the faithful since wind and rain were born
Have watched You swallow up the sun and set it free at dawn
Many wretched sailor haunted by the sea
Time and time have come again to give their heart to Thee

By Jack Jay Burns Sr. & Jr.


Oh the boat was wildly dancing
To the whistling of the wind
And the crew withdrew in terror
from the waves that caused a cringe

But their master kept on sleeping
Unperturbed in His repose
As their fearfulness and panic
quickly arose

So they shook Him by the shoulder
Saying "Master, we're afraid
That our boat will not withstand
This dreadful hurricane"

Their master woke from rested sleep
To tame the winds that raged
bewildered by their weakened faith
In His power stilled the waves

All "Poems by the Sea" written by Jack J.Burns Sr. All rights reserved (c) 2000 /or All poetry on "Pastor Poem Page" by John Burns Jr. All Rights Reserved (c) 2000.