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The Monthly Bread Archives

"Mourning Over Failures"

Frustration, self-pity, severe anger: these can be our reactions when plans do not seem to work out right. Face with failure, we often say things to ourselves, such as "what went wrong?" or "If only...".

As believers, we may even sense God's grief in a situation; such as Samuel did over Saul's rejection as King. Samuel mourned so long for loss that he failed to see the new kingdom of David being raised up by the Lord. In identifying ourselves with God's sorrow, we can often take too long to recover our ability to function -- meanwhile God has already begun a new work! Our mourning, when prolonged, can create worry and damage our usefulness.

The Lord had to commission Samuel to fill his horn with a new anointing of oil and go on. It's that way with our own disasters and failures; "We need to forget those things which are behind, and reach forth to those things before us." Rather than quench the spirit, we must receive His new directives and realize that God is still at work. Human feelings of failure will only influence us to move contrary to the will of God. Therefore, let us guard our hearts and press on in God's perfect plan.