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The Monthly Bread Archives

"The Strength of Love"

Gen 29:20..So Jacob served seven years for Rachel; but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her. (NIV)

I think it was the poet Henry Van Dyke who said "Time is slow to those who wait, Time is long to those who fear, but to those who love time is not".

Some people never give the Lord a chance to help their lives because they feel it is to hard to serve Him. They see it as a long and drawn out process leading to failure because of a self belief that tells them it's just a matter of time before they blow it again. And indeed if it were left up to them they would disqualify as an overcomer. But they overlook the fact that the ability to obey does not rely on their own weakness but on the one they are following. God doesn't intend to save us without also providing a way to continue with Him as well. God is not going to give us commands and say "let's see what kind of luck you have to beat the odds and make it". If God is our maker, He is more aware of our limitations of self discipline then we are, and if He knows of the limitations, He is the best one to give us the solution - the love of God.

There is a tremendous strength in Gods love that can enable us and carry us through anything, if we surrender and allow His plan to unfold for our lives. Paul says that "love endureth all things"..... and "love never fails". This means that love will not faint in the heat of trial, or fall short of its intended goal. Love will not be driven off course by any diversion of the enemy, whether it be the world, the flesh, winds of doctrine or any other spiritual warfare that would come our way. Love can not be reduced to inactivity since Gods very nature is to express himself to and through man. Love is a verb.

2 Cor 5:14.."For the love of Christ constraineth us;" The word "constraineth" here means..(to hold together). The Love of God will hold our life together as long as our stability is found in the love of Christ. This is comforting when one considers the world is falling apart at the seams. When Adam and Eve fell into sin Mankind inherited a fallen nature which has been worsening ever since. How great the need is for Gods love to help us find the unity that man looks so hopelessly for.

Yes, it is true that for "those who love time is not". A life that serves God in Love has no conscious awareness of past or future when it comes to the unredeemed nature. The bad memories and anxieties over the future have lost their power to invade our present reality with the sting of death. The fear over future destiny has been settled in the book of life.

Like Jacob we can get on with our lives serving without obligation and without resentment because we are contented to serve in love. If Jacobs love for a woman could motivate him to serve faithfully and peaceably for seven years, how much the more will the love of God strengthen and fulfill us in our quest for eternal victory.