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The Monthly Bread Archives

"Waiting On God"

LAM 3:25..."The Lord is good unto them that wait for him, to the soul that seeketh Him".

Many times in our search for God it is common to feel as though we are getting nowhere. If our experience is a lack of activity or loss of direction, the temptation may be to foolishly attempt to manipulate God through impatience. However it is best for us to realize that waiting is seeking, because it gives God the opportunity in our stillness to make Himself heard.

PS 46:10...says...Be still, and know that I am God:

I have known those who have given up the hope of seeking God because they were tired of waiting, and those who waited with a wrong spirit and missed the answers to their seeking. The human spirit is most anxious to see something resolved or accomplished, while God's goal is to get man's attention. God waits for man to wait for Him.

ISA 30:18.."therefore will the Lord wait that He may have mercy upon you...blessed are all they that wait for Him".

Yes, God waits for man to leave his calendar open and be available for Him. He waits for them to listen to reason concerning His will for their lives. He waits for man to seek His counsel first in time of need. He waits for us to leave our carefully laid plans to find His purposes.

I have known others to be afflicted in their mind and body over the fear that their waiting would end in disappointment. Somehow, they felt God didn't have the ability to completely satisfy all their desires.

ISA 49:23...says.."for they shall not be ashamed that wait for me."
COL 2:10....says.."ye are complete in Him,..."

One thing is for sure: whether our wait is long or short, God's goodness is not held back from those who wait. On the contrary, waiting for God is the one thing that qualifies us for receiving His goodness. If this is hard for you to fathom, realize that Jeremiah is waiting in a very hard place for God when he wrote the Book of Lamentations. Israel has just been brought under captivity of Babylon, yet the prophet speaks of the goodness of God. Yes, he is a prophet living his message, but he is also speaking from past experience. He has lived through other times of waiting which has prepared him for the worst, while overcoming with the word of his testimony -God's goodness.