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By Walter Beuttler

I want to tell you that I’m not a preacher. I’m not a musician. I have no tricks. I don’t try to make an impression. My work is to share with God’s people everywhere, the world over, what God has shared with me. So my visit here will consist, I trust, of sharing with you the things which are upon my heart and the things which are upon the heart of God.

I am teaching at Northeast Bible Institute. I’ve been there thirty-three years and have traveled all over the world every year for as many years. And before doing that, one year the Lord had asked me to go aside, that was in 1951. That’s when He called me to go overseas. The Lord drew me aside and I knew that He wanted me to shut myself up with Him. Now in bible school there is no peace. So I took a hotel room in Philadelphia, the Robert Morris, shut myself up, told the wife I wanted no interruptions. The President of the school was not to call me, and if President Eisenhower wanted me for lunch to tell him that it was not convenient, he could call some other time. That was my way of telling her I did not want to be disturbed.

I was there for 48 hours in fasting and prayer, from Friday 2:00 P.M. to Sunday 2:00 P.M. During all that time I had felt nothing, I heard nothing, I had received nothing, there simply was nothing. I got nowhere. I spent time before the Lord without being aware of His presence until way past midnight. I was up early in the morning before the sun rose, didn’t even bother to undress or shave or go out for a meal. I was there all day Saturday from very early to very late. Came Sunday afternoon, I was sitting there on the floor at 2:00 P.M.. It happened to be, 48 hours. Just then, I realized that I spent 48 hours in prayer and fasting seeking the Lord and got absolutely nowhere. I had felt that God had wanted to speak to me and He didn’t speak. As I sat there about 2:00 o’clock sharp, I said in my heart "My it takes God a long time to speak." No sooner had I said that, then the reply came, the first thing that I heard or received from God in 48 hours. And the Lord spoke in a voice right in here. Now you’ll probably hear me make reference to this place more than once, that is where the spirit dwells. That’s where occasionally, not always, He speaks. And in here was a voice as clear as a bell and as sharp as a razor. A voice, which was not audible making sounds, like I’m making now, but a voice that I heard. And the voice said in reply to my statement " To hurry God, is to find fault with Him." In other words, the Lord told me, "your finding fault with Me, your criticizing me, you think I am too slow." Well, I apologized, asked the Lord to forgive me. And no sooner had I done that, the Lord walked through the door. I didn’t see Him, I did not hear him but it was so absolutely real, that sight could not have made it any more tangible.

And the Lord walked in at a time I sat on the floor. The Lord walked in and behind Him, there followed His presence. Have you ever seen perhaps on television a regal personage? I saw recently on a news bulletin on TV where they had a celebration in Iran, where the royal dignitary walked up to his throne with a long robe following behind him. Well, that’s the way His presence came. As the Lord walked in, that presence, His presence, followed Him like one of these regal robes. It wasn’t seen. It was clearly discerned. It was as real as you and I. Now, I will be telling you some strange things before we finish, but I have a purpose in telling you this and starting with this.

The Lord walked in and stood over to my left, approximately at arm’s length, I would say, just a little bit beyond the length of my arm and there He stood. The Lord stood there for four hours. For 4 hours He was teaching me out of His word on the subject of "knowing God." That’s what we are going to talk about. The Lord would give me a scripture, maybe something I had never observed. I would look it up. I would read it and, oh, the thing began to unfold and I would see the beauty, the content of a given verse.

Last summer I was in Bangkok, Thailand, and walked along the street, when to my great delight I saw a beautiful Lotus flower lying on the side of the road. Don’t ask me how it got there. I can only think that somebody had a bunch of them for some banquet or something and one dropped off. There was the Lotus. I am very fond of them. I opened it up it destroyed it really. I knew it would but I wanted to see the inside again. And I opened up that lotus, pulled the petals back, and oh, what beautiful petals, a wine color. I looked in there and delighted myself in that beautiful arrangement of the Lotus within.

Well, that’s what the Lord did with the scriptures. He’d give me a scripture and open it up so to speak, and let me look on the inside. And that as I said, lasted 4 hours until 6 o’clock. I told you the subject had to do with "knowing God." At the time I didn’t know, but now I know that that was to be my major subject as I would travel for the Lord, things that are very near to the heart of God. Things that he wants His people to know and that knowing God involves the knowledge and the personal experience of the manifest presence of God.

At 6 o’clock, the Lord turned. I could tell when He turned. The Lord turned, faced the door that was behind me and as He turned, He spoke again, right in here and said ""And the Lord left him to try him." With that, His presence followed Him. Now I had omitted something, as He came in with His presence following Him like a robe of a sovereign that drags along behind as they mount the steps to the throne. When he had arrived there, that presence spread out and went through the entire room of that hotel. It was as real as real could be. And as I stood there I said within myself "now His presence fills every cubic inch of this room." I believe without any question, that God gave me an experience similar to that of Isaiah when he said in Isaiah 6 "And His train filled the temple." Now that train is not a Washington / Miami express. That train is generally believed to be the evanesence of His glory. And apparently Isaiah saw the manifest presence of God throughout the throne room and so he said "And His train filled the temple." And this presence that was also like a robe also filled the entire room and I knew that every cubic inch is now filled with that presence. Now there is a difference between omnipresence and Manifest presence, but that is for another time since we can not just launch into it. We have to lay a foundation.

So the Lord said right in here (inner-man) "And the Lord led him to try him." As He turned, He went out and the presence collected from all over the room. Its hard to explain. It just collected from all over the room and followed Him out of the room like the robe of one of these mighty Kings. He went out and this presence like a robe followed behind Him. My, that was something, four hours of personal teaching from a personal Christ on the true knowledge of God. I didn’t know that later He would send me into all the world. He has put my feet in more than 100 countries and some of them so often I couldn’t even tell you how often. I didn’t know that. But here, He began to give me the essence of subject matter very dear to His heart, so the Lord left him to try him. I thought; that sounds to me like something is going to happen. Well, in school you know we teach and then you have a test. And I thought; it looks to me the Lord ‘s been teaching me and He has decided that there will have to be a test. There was alright, but now before I get into that, I want to tell you something. I will choose my words most carefully. I will be as accurate as I know how. And everything I tell you is the absolute unembroidered truth. I say that because it might strain the credulity of some of you so I say before hand, it is the truth!

I thought something is going to happen, I had no idea what. Nothing happened. I got up, walked around. I thought I might as well go to bed. It’s eight o’clock and I had slept very little since Friday. And as I did, low and behold, Satan walked into that room. He came through the door as though the door wasn’t there. I recognized him at once. He walked in precisely the same way the Lord had walked in. Step by step he came in and behind him there followed a satanic presence like a regal robe of some sovereign. I’ve seen it on Queen Elizabeth, a long flowing robe. I don’t know, 10 to 12 feet behind him, it just dragged along. Well, that robe or satanic presence followed behind him much like a regal robe. You see, not only is the Lord royalty, Satan is also a mighty ruler. He is the ruler of all the world today. He has the whole world under his control, minus God’s children. He is a regal man of tremendous power, so he had that robe. And he stood precisely where the Lord stood. I was not sitting now, I was standing by the bed. I had this four posted bed and I stood by one of the posts. And as he stood, that robe-like presence, satanic felt, spread throughout that whole room exactly the way the Lord’s presence had done it. And I stood there and said within myself, "The satanic presence is now filling every cubic inch of this room." I could tell, without any question, no matter how difficult it may be for some of you to accept it, the satanic presence filled that room. I stood by the post, Satan stood where the Lord stood. No, I was not afraid, not aware that I had any fear. He opened the debate, he spoke and started with "The lord did not visit you." His voice was not audible like mine and yet it was a clear distinct voice that I heard, but it was not a natural voice. I heard him, it was a spiritual voice.

There is such a thing as spiritual sound as spiritual hearing. I declare to you there is such a thing as spiritual color and spiritual form. I even believe there is spiritual weight ( "And the hand of the Lord was heavy upon him"). But now, here came the voice, "The Lord did not visit you." and I said out loud "Yes He did!" "No He didn’t" came the reply. I said; "Yes he did." Now I cannot give you all the things in their right sequence, I can not guarantee that. I remember quite well the beginning. Much of it I had forgotten. Some of it is not in the right sequence, but the picture I’m giving is correct. And I think the second one was, "This bible is not the word of God." I said, "Yes it is!" "The Lord didn’t teach you." "Yes he did!" And he went on something like, "Why don’t you deny God?" I said, "Why should I?" "Well, because God isn’t a real God." I said, "He sure is real. I know he is!" "Oh, you’re not even saved." "I know I am!" "Why don’t you deny this word?" "Why should I, it’s the word of God!" "No, it isn’t!" "Yes, it is!" And so the thing got quite animated. Oh, he said among other things, I forgot a lot, "You are praying too much." I said, "No I’m not!" "You are going to finish your life in an insane asylum!" I said, "No, I won’t!" "Yes, you’re going to lose your mind because you are praying too much." I said, "I’m not praying too much and I’m not losing my mind."

Now, here is where I forgot a number of things. I cannot tell you how long this lasted, I don’t know. And he said, "You are losing your mind already." I said, "I am not!" He said, "You are so, see?" And with that, things began to happen. The room started to turn and I was the center of a merry-go-round. The dresser, the bathroom door, the walls, everything started to go like a merry-go-round. And it went faster and faster, and he said, "See?" I said, "No, I don’t. This is only a delusion. Nothing is moving. You’re only trying to deceive me and make me believe it is moving, but it isn’t! " "Yes, it is," and the thing went faster. But I tell you that was serious, and I began to see something. Now you’re losing your mind. I saw triangles in the air, circles, squares, trees, rocks, mountains, everything moved throughout the room. Illusions, all kinds of things in one great confusion, and the whole thing went around and I stood in the middle, and he said, "Are you ready to deny God? "No, and I won’t be." "Well, you better," and so on he went. And I held my ground. I never budged. He tried to get me to deny everything the Lord had taught me, and I wouldn’t deny it. All of sudden, he turned, he started to go through the door. I could tell, step by step. As he did, the whole satanic presence all over the room collected and followed him like a regal robe of a royal dignitary. I was left alone.

Now you have no idea what that thing was, the dreadfulness of it. I had the strangest feeling that he was gonna come back. Then I fussed about the room and I noticed it was 10 o’clock. I thought, well, I guess it’s time to go to bed. I was just going to take my coat off and in walked Satan, a second time. He came in and that presence followed him like a regal robe of a royal dignitary. He stood in the same place. That presence spread out, filled the entire room and I knew for the second time the entire room was filled with the satanic presence. There was one thing I noticed. This time, everything seemed to be much stronger. He said the same words. The whole thing was a carbon copy of the first visit. I don’t think it varied in one detail, not that I could recognize. We went through the whole thing, "The Lord didn’t visit you." "Yes he did!" Why don’t you deny this, that and the other?" Same thing, but one difference. There was such power coming from that being now that wasn’t there before. The first one was powerful but this one was super powerful. When he spoke, "Are you ready to give up?" There came with that an authority that was frightening. I don’t think I was frightened. I’m not aware of it but I sure recognized that this time I was in trouble. I knew it. "Are you ready to deny the word?" "Are you ready to deny God?" "You are losing your mind!" And in the room everything went around again. "You are losing your mind. You are finishing your life in an insane asylum," and all the rest, the same. And then he appealed, "Are you ready to surrender?" I said, "No I’m not, and I won’t be!" I took my stand firm, but I noticed somewhere inside of my will I was weakening and that’s what worried me. I could tell my answers were no longer as resolute as they were the first time. There was such a persuasion, overwhelming power coming from that being, it weakened my will. I wanted to, but I couldn’t. My answers became less and less resolute and he pounced on me with his words without mercy (there is no mercy in the devil). "Are you ready? Will you deny? Will you do so and so, with power?" "No, I won’t!" But there was not that ring there was at the first, that catagorical refusal. My will was weakened. And I thought to myself, "If he does not let up soon, he is going to win." I didn’t say that. I thought it.

He kept hammering away for me to give up and to give in. I resisted, but my resistance was weak. And he kept pressing until I had no more will to resist. I wanted to but I didn’t have the will. My mind wanted to but my will didn’t have the power. I can’t explain it any better. I became completely exhausted, not only physically, but what I thought was worse, in my will. I stood by the bed. Now I do not remember whether I said audibly or simply silently within myself what I’m telling you now. I said (I think it was within myself) "I can not resist anymore." And with those words, I threw myself on the bed, completely finished. I could no more stand. I could no more talk back. I had it. I was through. I cannot resist anymore. And he stood there.

Just as I struck the bed, I felt something in here. It felt like the size of an orange middle size. It’s the only way I can put it. Now there was no orange there. I knew it was the presence of the spirit of God. I know that presence. I felt that presence in here, just about the size of a medium sized orange. Somehow, as far as I remember, I now concentrated on this thing in here and ignored Satan until he apparently bothered me no more. That presence was there and it expanded slowly, and this presence sang. The Holy Ghost sang in here, I heard Him sing. I didn’t sing, He sang. I heard Him sing that chorus …Isn’t He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, isn’t He that’s my Lord wonderful? He sang that! And as He sang it, His presence got larger and it slowly rose upward and sang again …(Isn’t He wonderful) and I listened and presumably he listened too. Nothing from him! He said nothing and it started again, (Isn’t He) and finally His presence reached my throat. Now you say, Brother Beuttler explain it. I can only relate it. That presence reached here and it still sang. And when it reached here, I joined, and we sang. The Spirit and I sang a duet, presumably, for his majesty, the devil. He had nothing to say. He didn’t say anything to me. And we sang! I sang out while the Spirit sang in His own way. I just joined him. I sat lying on the bed (Isn’t He wonderful). I got as far as the (ever) when the Spirit stopped, broke off the song, and I with it. And He Spoke and said, (and I have it a little different than the way it is in the bible, I can’t help that. Remember Paul, quoted some scripture in the New testament differently from the way it is in the old testament and if we get into it (later), if I don’t forget, I might give you a reason for it). And the Spirit spoke and said, "When the enemy shall come in like a flood (and here is the difference) then the Spirit shall raise an armed defense against him." And with that, Satan turned and went out of that room just like this. That presence, it centered and out it went, and he was gone. And the glory of the Lord filled the entire room. I was free, the Spirit came to my defense. I was defeated, I could not stand up against that, but at that moment I got assistance from the Holy Ghost. And as I said, the glory of God filled that room. I looked at my watch and I saw it had become midnight, so it took quite awhile.

The next day I went back to Stillwell with a new experience. Now you might wonder what was the whole thing about? Well, for four hours as I told you, the Lord had been teaching me things about the knowledge of God, His personalized presence, the secrets of His presence. Now this is a subject for which I should have with you an entire week. I can only take you into this thing a little bit but enough, I hope, to make your mouth water and seek the Lord. I just want you to know there is lots more than what I am able to give you. And as I said, I didn’t know at that time, that the Lord would send me overseas. I think, though I don’ t know this, but I think the devil either knew it, or had an inkling. And the reason he tried to throw me was that this truth of the knowledge of God, the reality, the secret of His presence might not be taught throughout all the Earth. He wanted to rob me; he wanted to destroy the very thing which the Lord had given me, because that one thing the devil hates and does not want people to know God. So important is this truth to God, to his people, and to Satan. It’s important to Satan in the sense that he does not want God’s people to have the personal manifest presence of God in their lives. But Satan, though challenging fiercely, lost the debate because of the faithful intervention of the spirit of God. I believe with all my heart, if I had circumbed to Satan the Lord would have never sent me overseas. And Satan had an inkling I think, if not complete knowledge, and did everything he could to destroy it.